Paint and prototypes


Well it’s been a while since we’ve blogged an update of Lume 2. This summer has been a mixture of paper/card/computer prototypes, models, game design and testing. There have been many discussions which start with “That’s not possible” then someone else chips in with a “Hang on, maybe it is” which is a great feeling as we are constantly challenging each other with what’s possible and what’s right for the game and also pleasantly surprised with the results. The biggest challenge, which was the same with the original game, is how do we make games become models and vice-versa. A quote from our Developer Dan today about one particularly challenging scene was “This is a very fine line between genius and stupidity and I’m not sure which way it is right now” We’re hoping the genius one!

As well as the general game design, it’s also crucial to have a final model of the city perfected. We’ve been testing a range of materials including wood, paper, card, metal and plastic. Developing colour swatches and generally building a city we are extremely happy with.  We’ve been enjoying the process and all going well we will begin filming mid-November. 

Here are a few pictures from the studio taken today




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