New In-game Screenshots of Lumino City & Release Date News


Good news, we’ve got some new screenshots of Lumino City for you. These are taken from early on in the game, and show the extra detail and sense of depth we’ve got in the game compared to Lume. Everything you see in these images was made by hand. We’re really excited about how it’s going, each scene is presenting us with a new challenge which is – mostly – fun. ┬áTake a look at the new images below.


The Photographer’s House

Cliff Town

We’ve found ourselves having to work out crazily hard stuff, like how to make Lumi realistically climb around footage of a moving ferris wheel, and how a mirrored surfaces can be made interactive. ┬áSometimes we’re banging our heads on the desk with frustration, sometimes we’re wide-eyed and enthused when it’s gone well.

There’s a lot which needs bespoke treatment, and a lot of head scratching beforehand, then tons of care to make it actually happen.

So things have been taking longer than we estimated. We reckon we’ve probably done as much visual work on the first scene already as there was in the entire first game. But, even though that means we won’t be able to release the game this spring, it does mean it’ll be much much better when it is released.

We’re still planning on a 2013 release, and we’ll be letting you know more about our release date when we’ve done a little more work and can predict it with more accuracy.


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