We have now given Lumino City it’s own lovely site. We launched it this morning and be sure to take a look here www.luminocitygame.com

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As we are racing towards launching this Autumn, we will be showcasing the game at a few UK-based Gaming events in the next few months. More information will be coming soon about this as things are confirmed.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 15.22.13


We’re really happy to let you know that our new Lumino City trailer is now live!

There’s gameplay footage and you can see a few of the new puzzles we’ve been creating from real models. The pinball table was an especial highlight for us, we took far too long on that :)





Last weekend I was lucky enough to give an online talk to the Double Fine Games Club (check them out, it’s definitely worth dropping by) about the forthcoming Lumino City.

To accompany the talk I showed the latest images from Lumino City, and was (very politely) hounded to put the images on general release.  So here you go!  Some of these you may have seen on our Facebook Page, but a lot are new.

More to come soon, we’re working really hard on all the final models for the puzzles right now, which are pretty complex pieces of work.  A lot of the puzzles in the original Lume were drawings given a bit of depth by raising the paper up, so they were pretty simple, and maybe a bit flat. In contrast, today we’ve been making a 3/4 size pinball table for one of the puzzles, complete with bumpers which light up. It’s bigger than the entire model for Lume, and more complex to build too, just for one puzzle.

This kind of thing goes some way to explain why the game is taking this amount of time to make. We hope you like the results when we can finally reveal them to you.

Click on any image to enlarge.


Crane Town. You’ll be able to get in that crane cockpit and use it too.


The Photographer’s House


The Gatehouse




Lightmill Puzzle


Gatehouse sketches


The Kitchen


Building the Marketplace using lasercut materials.


It’s fantastic to be able to announce that KAMI is coming to Steam, for Windows and Mac, on Thursday 23rd January. In other words, this very Thursday.

What’s more, to celebrate the launch all the Premium Puzzles come included!  And you’ll get a number of hints per day.

We are really excited we can now bring KAMI to PC and Mac with Steam, watch our Twitter and this blog on Thursday to be notified when it’s live!



Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 19.42.07

We’re honoured that Lume is a part of the latest Humble Bundle Weekly Sale: Amanita Design & Friends!

Amanita‘s games are beautiful and clever, and if you haven’t yet played Machinarium, Samorost 2 or Botanicula head over there now and get all of them for whatever price you choose, along with five Official Soundtrack albums.

Also included are of course Lume, for PC, Mac and Linux, and the wonderful Windosill and Shelter.  Perfect games for a cosy January.

Click here to name your price!



We’re delighted to announce that KAMI is released on Google Play!   After a fantastic reception on iOS we decided it was about time Android users got to play, so if you’ve got an Android phone, have a spare moment and fancy testing your brain with some beautiful puzzles, click here to download KAMI.