We’re delighted to say that our new game INKS has won an Apple Design Award!

If you haven’t played it yet, it’s available on the App Store here.






INKS. Out now!


Our new game INKS. is out now! Available on iPhone and iPad.




INKS updates pinball for a new generation. Combining the timeless joy of pinball with physics puzzlers, INKS deconstructs your objective into over a hundred unique, tactical challenges.

Burst your way through each canvas as you attempt to complete each level without losing the golden ball. Vivid layers of ink build up, recording a visual history of your progress as you perfect your score. Complete a level in the fewest number of hits possible to obtain the ultimate goal, the star ball.




We’ve been working hard on bringing you the story behind the three year process of creating Lumino City, and our new app ‘The Making of Lumino City’ is out now.  You can download it now, completely free, from the App Store.

Like a coffee table book for your phone, the app offers an unprecedented look into the creative process and features interviews with the creators, original sketches and models, video and interactive pages where you can play with cameras and lighting.

Whether you own the game or not, the app offers a fascinating insight into the making o a groundbreaking puzzle adventure game.

Download it now for free for your iOS device.



Lumino City is now available on iPhone and iPad! Check it out on the App Store.

Download on the App Store





We are pleased to announce that Lumino City will be coming to Steam for Mac and PC on 3rd December 2014.

Click here to see the Steam page and add it to your wishlist.


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We’ve had a busy few months finishing Lumino City and showing the game to the public. What has been a real highlight for all of us was Gamecity in Nottingham.

State of Play collaborated with Gamecity and curated a ‘Making of’ exhibition of Lumino City. The exhibition showcased the unique way Lumino City was created, and the entire paper and card city was on display for the the public. State of Play also curated tours, workshops, and talks on the game as part of the event throughout the week, as well as branding Gamecity in their unique Lumino City style.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition.

IMG_7106 IMG_7090 IMG_7086 IMG_7062 IMG_3490 DSC02055