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We are pleased to announce that Lumino City will be coming to Steam for Mac and PC on 3rd December 2014.

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We’ve had a busy few months finishing Lumino City and showing the game to the public. What has been a real highlight for all of us was Gamecity in Nottingham.

State of Play collaborated with Gamecity and curated a ‘Making of’ exhibition of Lumino City. The exhibition showcased the unique way Lumino City was created, and the entire paper and card city was on display for the the public. State of Play also curated tours, workshops, and talks on the game as part of the event throughout the week, as well as branding Gamecity in their unique Lumino City style.

Here are some pictures from the exhibition.

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Lumino City EGX





So at the end of September we showed Lumino City at EGX as part of the Rezzed area. It was a  the first time we had showcased the game to the public, so with nerves, excitement and an unfinished game(?!) we headed to Earls Court.

We had a 4 screen booth stand upstairs in the Rezzed area, along with other indies and before you got to the Over-18s section. It was impressive to see our huge Lumino City banner with Lumi swinging from a Ferris wheel on the set up day which we spotted across Earls Court when we arrived.

At this stage, we were still coding away the last few bugs that we needed to squash before we could release the game to the EGX public. Luckily it all came together and on the Thursday we were ready.

Puzzle Adventure Point & Click games can notoriously be difficult to exhibit at this kind of event. It’s noisy, no one has much time. I assumed that people would want a quick shooter that they could dip into without much commitment of time or energy. We didn’t need to worry, people took their time and got engrossed in the game and the world of Lumino City.

Thanks EGX, we had a blast!


We’re getting very excited about the upcoming  Lumino City exhibition at GameCity. An exhibition we’ve curated with them, to celebrate the upcoming launch of the game. We’ve been setting up the models from the game today in preparation.



The event runs from the 25th October – 1st November 2014. The exhibition will cover every aspect of the game production.

We are running a number of events to accompany the exhibition including:

A talk on the overall making of the game with Katherine Bidwell

A talk with the Lighting and Cameraman of Lumino City Tom Hooker

A tour of the exhibition with the creators throughout the week including Developers, Model Makers and Designers.

A paper- craft workshop everyday ‘Shoebox stories’,   inspired by the exhibition and the game.

Please come and support the event, it will be fantastic.


Pleased to say Lumino City now has a Steam Store page all in preparation for the launch next month.

It’s been a busy few weeks, months, year. We ‘re now in serious crunch time with completing the game for next month. The Red Bull bulk order has been made and we’re prepared to get it finished now.

We’ve now got a lovely new Steam Store page here 

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Lumino City Steam page