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Programmer / Technical Artist

We're looking for an amazing Programmer / Technical Artist to join our small team full-time from January 2018 and help us create our latest game.

We love creating ambitious and beautiful work, and that passion is what we’re after, that desire to make something special. We want to work with someone who loves what they do, who’s technically superb as well as creative with it.

The position will involve writing custom shaders and tools to help develop a strong visual style for our upcoming game and bring concept art to life. It will also involve creating visual effects using particle systems and custom shaders to help craft the exciting world we’re building.

And you won’t just be doing the same thing over and over again, we thrive on being creative and working closely together with each other across multiple disciplines, so the more you can offer the better. Skills with Unity, Maya and Photoshop are important, and with skills in visual arts desirable.  


  • Excellent understanding of shader writing in Unity with relevant examples of work to demonstrate
  • A keen interest in developing, innovating and experimenting with visual styles
  • Self-motivated - can create and develop visual art without relying entirely on feedback to make progress
  • Ability to develop clean, intuitive artist tools in Maya and Unity
  • Great attention to detail
  • Experience optimising for mobile platforms (iOS, Android)
  • Ability to support artists technically and creatively to iterate over feedback


  • Industry experience or examples of independent projects
  • Expertise with all aspects of Unity 3D
  • Programming knowledge in C/C++/C#
  • Strong familiarity with Maya, including rigging and UV texturing
  • Clear understanding of particle systems and FX animation in Unity
  • Secondary skills (game design, animation, audio, etc.)
  • Excellent 3D maths skills
  • Understanding of the 3D animation pipeline
  • Interest in visual arts
Please fill in the form below to apply and include links to relevant work, or email jobs@stateofplaygames.com
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2 minute walk from Camden Town station