HIV Patent Pool

An animation we created for the Stop Aids Campaign, who’s aim was to encourage easier and cheaper acquisition of HIV drugs for people across the world with the creation of a drug ‘Patent Pool’.

The challenge was to take quite complex concepts and create a coherent and entertaining animation to help spread the word.  We developed a style which combined animated, expressive text and colourful abstract characters, allowing space for both in depth explanation and tons of personality.

We multiplied people into expansive grids to illustrate large populations, made large sums of money tower our little people, tuned words into insurmountable cliffs or belching factories, and invested everything with a good sense of humour.  All in all it gave an identity and a clarity to an important idea.

The animation has been a great success, allowing the Stop Aids Campaign to take their message all over the world.  Recently, the Patent Pool came into being, showing how, with determination and logical argument, and perhaps with an animation behind you to back it up, great things can be achieved.