Interactive Art Gallery

An interactive animated gallery for the large videowall which covers one side of floor 41, Canary Wharf.  Designed to run on a loop in the main client area, if offers the opportunity to wander a gallery along with our female visitor, and, if one painting is of particular interest, to interact with it and find out more information.

The client was after a new and interesting way to display artwork from their extensive collection.   In contrast to a lot of interactive galleries, this one had to exist in a space a character could walk through, and instead of them all being side-on, they needed to shift perspective as the moved along the wall in sync with the character as she turns to look.

It was a really interesting technical challenge, achieved by filming real actors against greenscreen and with a combination of  Flash and After Effects.

It also needed to have an arresting style, but one subtle enough not to interfere with the artworks it represented. Consequently we developed this pencil sketch and watercolour, which is ‘hand-made’ enough to reference the the fact this was an ‘art’ space, and airy enough not to detract from the works of art.

The end result is an animation which looks as good a one which is pre-rendered, where in fact all the images on the walls can be updated by the client, the woman’s reaction shots are different with each painting, and the people frequenting the gallery change with every visit.