Jac Do

Interactive animation for the BBC, telling an updated Aesop fable about a Jack Daw, alone without the company of other birds, who devises a cunning plan to integratiate himself with a flight of doves.

The charming tale was provided by BBC Wales as a script, and we set about devising a suitably beautiful style to match. Using a combination of softly hand-drawn elements and vector drawings, we crafted a snowy world with instantly recognisable characters.

We also had the opportunity of making the animation interactive.  Halfway through, with Jac Do frozen perilously in mid air after being pushed out of the dove cote, you can make a choice between two different endings.

From the evil hissing cat, crawling to pounce on poor Jac Do, to the doe-eyed and fiesty young dove Bronwyn, we had a mighty amount of fun creating this animation, and it continues to be popular on the BBC’s website.